G. Scott Damuth, Legal Counsel offers real estate closing services as East Texas Title Company at the Gun Barrel City, TX Branch Office. We work closely and successfully with real estate agents, financial institutions, attorneys, builders, and individuals in the sale and refinance of real property.

This process includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Accepts real estate contracts and orders from financial institutions
  • Holds earnest money and deposit checks in an escrow account where they remain until disbursement after closing
  • Order payoff figures from the existing lender, or orders an assumption package if the loan is being assumed
  • Prorates taxes and ensures taxes are paid
  • Reviews documents to make sure property description, financial details and liens are correct
  • Notifies the parties of problems or discrepancies and helps to cure them
  • Collects surveys, appraisals, inspections and statements for these services to be paid at closing
  • Prepares the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and provide to parties for review prior to the closing
  • Orders updated information required prior to closing
  • Orders and prepares documents needed for closing such as: Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Releases, etc.
  • Coordinates the details of the closing with all parties involved
  • Conducts the closing and ensures all documents are properly executed, notorized and that the parties have a complete package of their closing documents
  • Provides escrow checks or wire transfers to the parties entitled to disbursements from the closing
  • File all closing documents that are required and arrange for the parties to receive file marked copies back for their records after the filings
  • Insures the buyers and financial institutions have a title insurance policy on the property

Please feel free to visit the main East Texas Title Company website! www.easttexastitle.com

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